Chocolate Stout Cakes….

There is a nice side affect to our hobby, by making our own wine and beer we gain an enthusiasm for tasting the fruits of our labour. I discovered early on that this translated past wine and beer, suddenly I was tasting my food in a whole new way. Then comes the food pairings, and not just with wine. Brewmaster dinner’s seems to be the next hot trend in the foodie world, where a different beer is paired with each course in a fine dinning setting.

So what’s the next step for us at home? We’ve tasted, we’ve paired, why not cook? Just like growing your own vegetables, there is something satisfying about cooking with your own wine or beer. So following that theory I decided to take one of my favorite recipes (Chocolate Stout Cakes…yeah, it’s as good as it sounds) and swap out the well-known commercial stout for my own Festa Brew Double Oatmeal Stout. I always favour Festa Brew’s stout to any other when reaching for a beer and it doesn’t disappoint in this recipe either!

Unfortunately I can’t take any credit for the recipe, it comes from Chuck Hugues, a chef from Montreal who has a show on the Food Network. Check out the recipe here

Chris Jans has a love for all things wine and beer and can usually be found in our Cole Harbour location.

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