As I wander around the Cunard Centre, I’m left asking myself, “I paid $60 for THIS!?”

After attending a wine tasting event a while back, I found myself wondering if the cost of the event was worth the experience I left with after it was over. The general consensus among the group of us was, “Nice event, but I wouldn’t pay $60 again for the same experience.” Well, now you don’t have to. It just so happens that there’s an awesome Noble Grape tasting and food pairing event next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for only $12!! Now, THAT’S more like it!

Imagine a relaxing evening sampling 5 different wines from fantastic wine regions around the world. Now imagine sampling 5-6 different foods together with these wines. NOW, imagine actually learning something about these wines too. How much would you pay to attend an event like that? $12.00? SOLD!! Tickets are moving fast, obviously. When will you get another chance to experience such a cost effective teasing of the senses? This year we have Tim Vandergrift as a guest speaker too. He’s quite a celebrity in the wine world and we’re very excited to have him.

Remember, most wine tasting events are $50 or more per person. This event is $12 per person. Call your local Noble Grape for more details, reserve tickets, and get in on this amazing experience. You’ll regret it if you don’t, trust me. We hope to see you there.

Steve Trickett
Noble Grape Quinpool

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