A Brief History of Wine (The Noble Grape Story)

Well I have to say, what better reason to celebrate? 1 to 7 in 17 years!17 years ago Steven and Mark opened up their first store in Cole Harbour. I remember covering the odd shift for them, (it was too hard for them to attend any family function together and keep the store open). They were energetic and keen, trying different products and learning from their mistakes. Their first newsletter was mailed out (pre-email years) and contained full pages of text only.
In 1997 they purchased the Burnside store. I remember them being nervous about this move, but they did it anyways. There were a few very tough months but they hung in there and finally it started working. They invented some new products (Can-add-a beer mix, etc.) and kept themselves busy.
In 2001 they decided to open another store. Starting from scratch they built the Bayers Lake store. I was there from the beginning and let’s just say the beginning was tough… very tough! They had moved into an area that promised to be busy but we seemed to be there a year too early.
In 2004 (once Bayers Lake was a little more stable) they were offered the chance to purchase the Quinpool Road store. This store was owned by John Arnold who was ready to retire. He liked the idea of Steven taking over his baby. (Steven had worked with John in the very early days.) In 2006, with four stores under way and plenty of great staff looking to grow, Steven and Mark decided that Sackville was the next move.
This store services customers from Sackville through Fall River and straight through to the valley.
In late 2007 Steven and Mark ventured outside of Nova Scotia and opened up their first ‘urban winery’ in Fredericton N.B. Running a store so far away would normally be stressful but they were lucky to have found a partner in Trevor Scott, who was eager to move back home to New Brunswick and loved the industry.
Just in time for their 17th Anniversary they opened their 7th store on Main Street in Dartmouth where the old Chris Brothers used to be. This location has made many people in Dartmouth and on the Eastern Shore happy. We have never had a store so busy, so quickly and already we are certain that it was a good move. At night time you can’t miss this store, the Noble Grape sign lights up the #7 Hwy. Even though we have grown to seven stores we are still a small business that is community based. We have all managed to continue loving what we do and enjoy every day we work at Noble Grape. We have all become very good friends over the years and have met some great interesting people. This anniversary sale is Noble Grapes way of saying Thank you to all of our customers who have helped us grow (and keep our jobs). We’ve enjoyed your stories and we’re thankful you’ve let us get to know you.
Carole Deziel
can be found at our Bayers Lake store or sometimes at other locations in her new role as District Manager.

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