Anniversary Sale

As many of you may already know, the last week of October marks our 16 year anniversary and with it, our biggest sale of the year!!
On November 1st, 1993, we opened our first store in Cole Harbour. Since then we have grown to six locations spanning two provinces. We owe this success to our loyal customers and we would like to thank you once again for your continued support.
To celebrate our anniversary, we are offering our best prices of the year on many of your old favourites plus some new wines you haven’t tried yet. Included in our sale are fantastic prices on:

5 Vintners Reserve wine titles
4 World Vineyard wines
6 Selection wines
1 Crushendo Estate red with grape skins
PLUS 10% off ALL other wines and ALL Festa Brew 23 litre un-fermented beer.

Our sale officially starts Saturday October 24th and ends Saturday October 31st. (Sunday November 1st in Cole Harbour and Bayers Lake)
We hope to see you there. Thank you very much for 16 great years!
The Noble Grape Crew

Last Call for our BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR!

Don’t forget that our 16 year Anniversary Sale ends this weekend!
Unprecedented savings on featured Selection, World Vineyard and Vintners Reserve Wines.
All other in-store wines are also 10% off.
All Festa Brew 23 litre un-fermented beer… 10% off.
Starter Kits are also on sale… tell a friend.

Halloween Spirit

Picture of the last day of our sale. Dan Caron of Noble Grape Sackville getting into the spirit. Happy Halloween!

Fredericton Wine Tasting

Monday, November 23 7:00 pm

Howard Johnson (formerly Wandlyn Inn)
958 Prospect St. Salon Room (A & B)
Join Peter Mills on a guided tour of the 2010 Limited Edition wines.
Taste the commercial equivalents along with food pairings while enjoying a night of fun and education. Tickets are $12 and are available at Noble Grape. Seating is limited so don’t delay.
1 Night only.
Call 450-9463 for details.

Cellar Planning

After a week of food and wine pairings I decided to take some time and reflect on what I’ve learned. I love food and I love wine but a piece of the puzzle was missing. Then like a stopper flying out of the champagne bottle, it hit me! I went to my wine rack and counted fourteen bottles of wine…. FOURTEEN! What a disgrace. Here I am helping people build impressive wine racks and cellars and my own collection has slipped through the cracks.

So after opening a New Zealand Pinot Noir (only thirteen bottles left now) and sitting down with pen and paper I came up with what i hope will be the solution to my naked wine rack dilemma.

Right off the bat i know one thing…. I need wine now! A red and a white with no time to spare, I’m heading straight towards my trusty Italian Pinot Grigio and easy drinking Chilean Merlot. These wines won’t last long so its 4 week wine kits for me today. World Vineyard fits the bill perfectly! Psssst: Ask me about the “Vinturi Aerator” I received as a gift, if you’re drinking young wines then this is the answer for you too.

With two wines on I take a deep breathe, relax and figure out what I need to make in 2010. I know that if I commit to making wine early in the year, I can get back on track and never have to rush a wine kit again (in theory).

Call this a sales pitch if you wish, I’m calling it smart…. Limited Editions! No decisions to make and no excuses, someone has figured out what I need each month from January to April. Three reds and two whites, each unique in their own way and I will end up with a wine for every occasion.

Perfect, now all I have to do is pick a few more wine titles and hopefully I will be ahead of the game. New Zealand Pinot Noir is a must; the Limited Edition Reds this year tend to be medium to full-bodied so I’d like to have a lighter red in the mix. I think I need a Riesling to compliment the other two whites I’ll be making; it too is on the lighter side. Lastly I’m thinking a Sparkling wine kit; sparkling wine is the only wine in my “future” wine cellar that will go with absolutely everything. If ever in doubt on what to serve with your meal, pick Sparkling wine!

Well I think I’ve done it! If I can stick to my plan, and continue throwing the odd batch on to replace the empty spaces in my wine rack I will never again be forced to beg my fellow employees for wine care packages.

Manager (Noble Grape Bayers Lake)

U-Vins and Noble Grape Urban Winery

You have probably been hearing lots in the news lately about ‘Wine-on-premise’. Sometimes called U-Vin, it is a concept whereby the customer purchases the wine and it is mixed in the store. The customer adds the yeast and returns 4 to 8 weeks later and bottles it. The winery staff performs the rest of the duties such as transferring, cleaning, filtering etc. The customer pays a fee for this service and hopefully, keeps coming back for the convenience and quality.

This type of business began in British Columbia and Ontario where it has existed for many years. Liquor laws fall under provincial legislation; not Federal. This is why a situation exists where some provinces allow it while others do not. It was never much of an issue in NS before, because the two provinces that allowed it were both far enough away that it had little impact on us.

Recently, of course, that has all changed. To make a VERY long story short, the New Brunswick provincial government has decided to change legislation to allow U-Vins. Now the PEI government has followed suit and is in the process changing their legislation too.

Of course, the reason we are hearing so much more about it than we used to is because New Brunswick and PEI are close to us. Geography has made the real difference here. What was once a non-issue; is now an important story.

So anyway, let’s check on the score:

Provinces that DO currently allow (or will soon be allowing) U-Vins:
– British Columbia
– Saskatchewan
– Ontario
– New Brunswick

Provinces that at this time DO NOT allow U-Vins:
– Alberta
– Manitoba
– Newfoundland
– Quebec (although there are some illegal ones running)
– Nova Scotia

Wow… a tie game. Exactly 5 provinces allow it and 5 do not. Only time will tell if the situation changes. We honestly don’t know if U-Vins are coming to Nova Scotia. We can’t predict the future (although we really wish we could). We do want you to know however that either way; we have a plan!

As many of you know, when the NB government opened the province to U-Vins, we decided to open up NOBLE GRAPE in Fredericton. We wanted to be the FIRST Nova Scotia retailers to operate a legal U-Vin. We even made up the term URBAN WINERY (and trademarked it) to describe our vision of an upscale U-Vin. Now we have the bugs worked out. We know what equipment we’ll need. We know what shelving to buy and how to regulate temperatures. We know how to deal with excess CO2 and we have a better understanding of staffing and overhead. We also have a staff training facility to send all of our staff to in the event that things changed in Nova Scotia.
We’ll keep you updated on any changes.

The photo’s shown here are from our Urban Winery in Fredericton.

Film history is made with Noble the Grape Homemade Theatre

“Riveting. Mesmerizing. Incredible.” Doger Elert

“I laughed. I cried. Then laughed ‘cause I cried!” Rolling Scone

“Words fail me.” Webber’s Dictionary

Mega-super star, Noble the Grape, gives us a tour de force of his amazing acting talents in our latest series of online fun. Please check out the newest releases of Box Office gold from this drama/comedy/action celebrity. Let us know what your think. Soon, you may have a chance to be a supporting actor in upcoming Noble the Grape film shorts.

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Last call for Limited Edition wine orders.

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